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Your business is growing rapidly.  You have a large clientele who now associate the name of your business with the products they are buying.  It is definitely time to register your trademark.  A trademark is the name or logo you use to identify your business.  There is no law that says you have to register the name or trademark.  It is a good idea, however.  A trademark that is registered will keep your competitors from stealing your company name and along with it your customers.  People learn to associate names with goods and services.  If you lose your name because you didn't register you could also lose your clientele.  You will have to start building your business all over again.

The Intellectual Property Office is the one who will handle your registration.  They have a website to make the process easier.  You are going to want to do some homework.  Make sure you know what classification your business is in.  Some businesses have multiple classifications.  You then need to check those classifications to see if the name or logo you want to use as a trademark is already taken.  If there is a name or logo which is similar to yours you may not be able to use it.  It will be denied.

There is a fee that must be paid to get a trademark registration.  The fee could change depending on the method which you file for the trademark.  If you pay everything at one time you can save 30 pounds.  If you cannot pay the full amount at one time you will be allowed to divide it into two payments.  You will not save the 30 pounds.

You can actually apply to the Intellectual Property Office by email or through the post.  Depending on your method will depend how you will hear the results for your registration.  It will take approximately six days for the IPO to approve your application.  The trademark will then be published in the trademarks journal.  Once it gets published it will be about two months before the final registration is done.  There are two months allowed for other businesses to oppose the trademark registration.  If no one opposes it the trademark becomes part of your property.  No one can use it for any purpose without your permission.

The easiest method to do a trademark registration is over the internet.  If you prefer the post you can download the paperwork that must be filed.  You fill out the information and send it post.  Some of the information you will have to supply is what type of business you have.  Where is your business located?  This makes a difference.  Another business that is totally different from yours and in a different location is allowed to have a name the same as yours or similar to yours.  The two businesses must be in different classifications so there is no confusion with the trademarks.  The Intellectual Property Office will be responsible for approving your trademark.  Make sure you check the journal to make sure your company logo does not encroach on someone else's business.

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Where To Do A Trademark Registration

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Where To Do A Trademark Registration

This article was published on 2011/06/21