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When it was time to register the trademark logo for Nike or Kleenex, the owners of the company probably consulted a good trademark attorney for help. Looking back and considering the amount of success that both of these logos have achieved makes their decision a very important one. It could take your business to another level of success with a brand new logo that has a registered trademark. Your company will benefit immensely by achieving the status of being trademarked.

Other Popular Trademarks

There are many businesses today that have a registered trademark symbol that is what sets them above the competition. Companies like Pepsi, Hoover, AlkaSeltzer and Band-Aid are just a few of the commonly known ones that have memorable logos that are registered. Everyday usage of the word Band-Aid is common, even when it is being used to describe a generic brand.

Almost everyone in the world has heard of these famous products and their trademark logos and symbols have made that happen. Having the ‘TM’ listed behind the mark means that it has been trademarked to show ownership and to retain the rights of using the specific design. No one else can name a product or service the same as the ones with trademark protection. That means that when you register for a trademark for your business and use it to promote your company, it is solely your own and those that use it can be prosecuted.

The branding of these companies occurred early in their initial stages of opening their doors. Well known corporations that have federally and internationally trademarked logos have become successful in part for their registration. Whether your company has been established for years or is the beginning stages of business start-up, you should definitely have a trademark registered for the logo.

Benefits of the Trademark

Having trademarked logos has aided their success and if your company intends to compete globally, it is advised that you protect your mark. Getting it registered isn’t as difficult as one might think; although there are many regulations to follow in order to get it approved. Using a good trademark firm to help you in the process is highly recommended so that you do not waste any time or money by making mistakes.  Having the trademark logo on your business forms or on your product will allow customers to remember you and that is a great benefit when you are memorable.

If you are ready to take the next step in putting your own logo among the most popular, it is a good idea to hire a good trademark attorney for their assistance. You can soon be on your way to becoming a household name by getting your own company logo with a registered trademark.

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Trademark Attorney for Successful Companies

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Trademark Attorney for Successful Companies

This article was published on 2012/04/12