The Management and Maintenance of International Trademark

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Overseas trademark protection is a long process, which can develop with the development of enterprises and change with market demand. After registration, you need to pay attention to the subsequent management and maintenance of the trademark. On the market, many enterprises neglect management and maintenance of trademarks, which leads to the trademark being canceled and the products surrounding trademark has been registered, etc., causing unexpected loss for enterprises.

Multi-category, multi-lingual registration for the trademark

International trademark registration should be carried out according to the actual business need. The categories of international trademark registration should cover more than one category whenever possible. Under the conditions and actual needs, you should use the local language for registration. Meanwhile, you should also register a trademark of the key areas or trademark transliteration or translation of local languages. In countries that have business to deal with, you also need the supplementary registration. In the ways of registration, you can firstly select to register in batches or on key regional focus category based on the company's business development requirements to increase the surrounding registration of the trademark.

Select the Madrid trademark registration or the EU trademark registration

During registration, you can choose Madrid trademark registration, EU trademark registration, etc. Madrid trademark registration refers to the applicants apply for trademark registration to the International Bureau of WIPO through the competent authority of the origin country, and make their application for trademark registration of goods or services in the origin country to be protected in some or all Union member countries. The expense to apply for Madrid registration is relative cheap, regardless of the specified number of countries you want to apply that you only need to prepare a set of documents. The effectiveness of the EU trademark is also more widely, that is a registration can be valid throughout the EU member countries and you will receive a separate certificate of registration.

To set up a special department to manage the trademarks

During the trademark management and protection, the enterprises can first set up a special department to responsible for corporate intellectual property business, including logo design, application for registration, management, rights and operation. Second, the enterprise should regulate business use of the trademark, develop and improve the trademark management rules and regulations, and improve the trademark files and information management of trademark the intangible assets, so as to increase the value by managing trademark. What is more, design a unique logo, and enhance the significant and correct and effective use of the trademark. Save the use of evidence to prevent others to abolish, meanwhile, pay more attention to the change of trademark policies of some countries in a timely manner to prevent the effectiveness of trademark accident.

Timely renewal of trademarks

In addition, the overseas trademark registration renewal is valid for 10 years. Before the expiry of six months, the International Bureau will informally notify the renewal matters of trademark holders, including the date of expiry, if the registrant can’t apply for an application for renewal before expiry, and another six months grace period will be available. Without reapplying for renewal within the grace period, the International Bureau will cancel the overseas registered trademark.

In order to meet the demand of market competition, enterprises must continuously improve the awareness of trademarks through learning and understanding the content of the trademark laws and regulations and provisions, and actively develop the trademark management system to provide the comprehensive protection of the trademark.

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The Management and Maintenance of International Trademark

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The Management and Maintenance of International Trademark

This article was published on 2012/04/24